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Dear community,

We are much obliged by the support and enthusiasm we’ve received so far towards MaticLaunch. We at MaticLaunch feel that the community is as excited about this highly anticipated $MTCL staking event as we all are.

MaticLaunch enables innovative ideas built on Polygon to build and raise to be sustained in the exponentially growing crypto market. The staking platform is the core of our ecosystem using which participants will be allocated investment allocations from the potential projects.

Thus, we are happy and proud to introduce our natively developed staking platform. …

We are well pleased to announce our strategic partnership with BlockPad, a multichain decentralized finance gateway for the Web 3.0 ecosystem. We will be creating our entire vesting $MTCL tokenomics using their simplified BlockPad Vault.

Well, being a community-governed fundraising platform for the next generation of ideas built on Polygon, we thrive to make our own existence while being transparent. We think that we can strengthen our relationship with the community by actually showing and doing things transparently.

BlockPad will not be just helping us in creating our locks according $MTCL tokenomics but is also committed to help innovative ideas…

First of all, thank you from the entire MaticLaunch team for making everything possible. We couldn’t have achieved this milestone if you weren’t there.

We are pleased to share that we have successfully completed our IDO on 28th and $MTCL is now trading on QuickSwap. Here is the list of things we’ve done after concluding MaticLaunch IDO:

Accomplished tasks:

We have seen many of the community members were facing difficulties in purchasing $MTCL tokens from QuickSwap. …

We are astonished by your overwhelming support in the MaticLauch IDO whitelist event. You never stop amazing us and that’s what motivates us to deliver more than we commit. Let’s have a look at the entries received via IDO whitelist event.

Some jaw-dropping stats:

  • Total users participated: 12,373
  • Total actions performed: 67,199
  • Total entries completed: 362,685

Our energetic team has worked for more than 15 hours to filter the genuine entries, cross-check actions, and select 500 winners. Check them below:

MaticLaunch IDO whitelist winners:

We are incredibly excited to move forward and present our IDO timeline and an exclusive guide for helping…

We’re excited to announce that MaticLaunch, a decentralized fundraising platform for the next generation of ideas built on Polygon, will integrate Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon blockchain. By integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, we can obtain access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness needed to select users out of hundreds, if not thousands, of entries. Ultimately this creates a more exciting, transparent, and fraud-proof user experience, as users can actually check the random draw on the blockchain knowing that s/he will have a fair chance in IDOs.

MaticLauch provides permissionless fundraising pool creation functionalities…

MaticLaunch team is proud to announce the details of our Initial DEX Offering in collaboration with MemePad. Thus, $MTCL IDO will be hosted on three different platforms: Ideaology, MemePad, and MaticLaunch.

We are grateful to you and our energetic community. As a token of appreciation, we organized a giveaway and it was crowded with more than 195,000 entries. Congratulations to the lucky winners. This kind of intensive support always motivates us to deliver the product, redefining the fundraising market.

Moving forward, we are excited to host our IDO on MemePad formulated by an ape-minded community. In order to make the…

Followed by an overwhelming response and a successful conclusion of the presale, we are pleased to announce that MaticLaunch will be conducting an IDO for its native token — $MTCL, on native platform. The entire team is grateful and anticipates the same intensity of enthusiasm and support from the community.

Being a community-centric fundraising solution, MaticLaunch redefines the crowdfunding market, benefitting both — project owners and the community. We cannot further wait to help the next generation of ideas on Polygon build, raise and grow.

After months of effort, we are proud to say that MaticLaunch IDO has arrived. Joining…

The entire MaticLaunch team is excited to announce the most awaited IDO for $MTCL tokens. We sincerely thank our energetic community for all the support and patience they have shown for MaticLaunch.

We are also proud to share this news with you that we have successfully accomplished our presale and now we are headed to the successful launch of our public sale. MaticLaunch’s native tokens $MTCL will be launched on one of the popular and emerging project accelerators on 28th August 2021.

We have witnessed exponential growth in our MaticLaunch community and it seems wise to launch MTCL through an…

Dear community,

We are really grateful for your continued support. Starting from MaticLaunch community awareness airdrop campaign to the presale whitelist event, we gathered amazing numbers — just because of YOU! Now the time has arrived.

We are incredibly excited to move forward and present our presale timeline and an exclusive guide for helping you with the presale process. Without further ado, let’s go.

MaticLaunch Presale Timeline

MTCL token stakers will be granted exclusive access to our governance events, guaranteed allocations and staking rewards. …

Dear community,

Having received hundreds of thousands entries for participation in our presale, MaticLaunch team is grateful for your enormous interest and support. It wouldn’t be possible without YOU! We are much obliged for your efforts and continued support to make our fundraising solution succeed.

We have been incredibly busy with growing our community exponentially and developing a native platform for MaticLaunch presale round. We wanted to provide an opportunity to our community in becoming our future stakeholders. Thus, hereby, Presale Whitelist event with an amazing response is now officially closed.

It is time to declare lucky winners for the…


A fully decentralized fundraising platform for the next generation of ideas built on Polygon.

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