MaticLaunch Monthly Update — October 2021

Welcome to MaticLaunch monthly update release for the month of October!

MaticLaunch is building a fully decentralized fundraising platform for the next generation of ideas built on Polygon. It aims to disrupt the traditional fundraising process involving multiple investment rounds led by large-scale investors aka VCs by giving back power to the community.

October was the month of development for the entire MaticLaunch team. The team has been working ceaselessly behind the curtains to deliver a community-governed IDO launchpad for innovative ideas built on Polygon.

The last month was an incredible experience as we have achieved milestones to reach closer to the mainnet launch. With the total crypto market surpassing a total of $2.6 billion, we look forward to reaching new heights for MaticLaunch. Stay along with this update to know about activities accomplished during one of the most important months so far.

Community Statistics

We were clear from MaticLaunch’s inception that it will solely be a community-centric platform. Delivering the decentralized fundraising platform along with an intuitive user interface has been our paramount goal. We’ve also been listening to all members’ requests and we also have taken votes before moving towards important decisions in the past.

If you are still wondering who makes up our community, the answer is YOU! MaticLaunch community has been formed and is becoming stronger from each continent of this planet. That having said, we have more than 33,000 followers on Twitter with more than 10,000 profile visits for the last month. There are more than 23,000 members on Telegram and Medium individually.

Accomplished Development

We have covered almost all of the stacks, front-end models and technical points that we’ve been involved with during the month of October. It includes smart contracts, various functionalities, specified user panels, front-end and more.

Front-end development

  • Design and development of web 3.0 wallet related data structure
  • Design and development of investment pool cards and information panels
  • Design and development of intuitive end-user staking panel
  • Design and development of community governance end-user panel
  • Design and development of new project onboarding panels
  • Design and development of admin panel for pool management
  • Integration of quick and fully synchronized Polygon RPC servers

Factory contract development

  • Development of factory contract for pool deployments
  • Implementation of different types of pool creations
  • Development of staking function required for allocations
  • Development of community voting required for IDO approvals
  • Development of automatic liquidity provision from raised funds
  • Integration of mathematical formula for allocation determination
  • Integration of mathematical formula for project approval determination
  • Binding of users’ staking data with voting and allocation determinator
  • Alpha testnet test cases determination and deployment for ensuring proper functionalities

Investor Dashboard:

  • Investor dashboard page design & development
  • Investor token claim contract and backend tool development
  • Integration of potential refund functionality upon failure of soft cap encounter
  • Integration of easy-to-understand error toasters

Targeted Development

  • Testing all of the functionalities with written test cases
  • Auditing factory contract to ensure maximum security

A Glance into November

As you may have realized that October was completely occupied with the core technical activities, November will be the month for our beloved community. Soon after the completion of the contract auditing process, we will be looking aggressively towards onboarding innovative ideas for the fundraise. Thus, upcoming months are going to be bigger than ever.

Gear up and be ready to involve, earn and bigger your portfolio!

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A fully decentralized fundraising platform for the next generation of ideas built on Polygon.

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A fully decentralized fundraising platform for the next generation of ideas built on Polygon.

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