Releasing MaticLaunch MVP for Public Testing

We are astonished by the support we’ve received after the announcement of MaticLaunch airdrop. We really appreciate your efforts and you won’t be left behind. Now today, MaticLaunch is pleased to announce the release of MVP on Polygon testnet.

Projects with shiny ideas are raising a significant amount of funds without having anything developed. We didn’t want to adopt a mob mentality as we are living in 2021 and being early adopters of blockchain, we need to be different, right?

To make that happen, MaticLaunch team was working around the clock to release this MVP containing a minimal user interface. This errorless MVP makes us confident in delivering a fully decentralized fundraising solution, run by the community. Excited to test it yourself? Stay connected!

MaticLaunch MVP Offerings

It may be called a minimum viable product but it doesn’t mean that it should contain just an outline of what one plans to develop in the future. In this MVP launch, we have successfully implemented the following:

  1. Whitelist: Permitting eligible people for token sale participation
  2. Swap: Token sale purchase based on the predetermined swap rate
  3. Claim: Taking full ownership of purchased tokens post-sale

How to participate in MaticLaunch MVP?

If you’re a regular or seasonal investor, trying our MVP will be like relaxing your fingers for you. But if you’re just starting your journey, you’re covered. Follow this simple guide to be familiar with the MVP. Remember, you also get a chance to participate in our presale directly by testing this MVP.

Step 1: Setting up Metamask for Polygon

The current MVP only supports Metamask at the moment because of its popularity, simpler UI and frequent development updates. Polygon can be integrated into Metamask in multiple ways that include connecting an address to DEX or simply adding network data.

Regardless of the ways, we will utilize an official guide from Polygon. Here’s how you can add Polygon (Mumbai Testnet) to Metamask:

2. Receiving required test USDT+MATIC

In order to purchase test tokens offered in this MVP, you will need some test USDT. We have created test USDT on Mumbai Testnet and to receive the same, join MaticLaunch discussion group and fill the following form: Test USDT Receiving Form.

3. Reflecting test USDT on Metamask wallet

Form submissions will receive the test USDT within 24 hours. However, it may not be visible in your Metamask wallet because of being a new token on Mumbai Testnet. In this case, navigate to Assets > Add tokens on Metamask and paste this token contract address:


Token symbol and decimal will automatically be fetched. That’s it! You will now be able to see your USDT balance in Metamask wallet.

4. Testing MaticLaunch MVP offerings

Make sure to follow steps 1–3 before proceeding here. This is the step where you will be purchasing pool tokens using test USDT we’ve distributed. It is fulfilled in three actions on MVP interface:

1. Approve: You will be whitelisted randomly in either Pool1 or Pool2. Under the “Join Pool” section, click on “Approve” and sign the transaction to provide USDT spend permission.

2. Swap: Once the spend permission is granted, enter the USDT amount between minimum and maximum value mentioned below. Approve the transaction on Metamask popup.

3. Claim: Once the Swap transaction is succeeded on Mumbai testnet, the claim button will become visible. Click on “Claim” and approve the transaction to get the purchased tokens.

Here, the claim button is made visible instantly for the demonstration purpose only. It will be made live after a certain period of time, once released on mainnet. One thing we want to draw your attention to is the speed of transactions and fees spent for verifying them. Isn’t it amazing as compared to other existing solutions?

5. Reflecting purchased tokens on Metamask

Similar to Step 3, tokens you purchased with test USDT might not be visible on Metamask. In this case, navigate to Assets > Add tokens on Metamask and paste this token contract address:

0x26b11d513410bd3d53cb0f21df7acd6d96c8717b (If you’re whitelisted for Test Pool 1)

0xd9793e5520cf5484b9f33d5f2c26a5dc1db6abeb (If you’re whitelisted for Test Pool 2)

Token symbol and decimal will automatically be fetched. That’s it! You will now be able to see your purchased tokens balance in Metamask wallet.

MaticLaunch MVP (Video Guide)

If you are still facing difficulties with any of the steps described above, consult this video guide, especially made for you!

The timing between brainstorming an idea and MVP release plays a vital role and MaticLaunch team acknowledges the same. As our MVP is released, we will be organizing our presale round very soon. If you are interested in participating in our presale, write to us at

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A fully decentralized fundraising platform for the next generation of ideas built on Polygon.

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A fully decentralized fundraising platform for the next generation of ideas built on Polygon.

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